Forever Strong Challenge

January 22 - April 14, 2024

We’ve taken the guess work out of your New Year’s resolution with our Forever Strong Challenge (formerly The PUSH). Get set for 12 weeks of expert Personal Training to keep you motivated and inspired to make some big wellness changes. You’ll join a community of like-minded goal getters aspiring to be forever strong.  Are you ready to see what you’re capable of?   

Join the Challenge by yourself, with a friend or up to a group of 4 for extra motivation and a little extra cash in your pocket.

Group options & daytime slots still available

Current Personal Training clients can sign up with their Trainer.
If you need a group, trainer, and/or time slot, please register below:

THE PACKAGE – What’s included!

  • 2 Personal Training sessions per week for 12 weeks (total of 24 sessions):  We’ll match you with one of our expert Personal Trainers based on your goals and availability.  
  • Pre & Post Fitness Assessments:  Testing will take place during your first session – this is the benchmark!  You will check-in mid-way and then again, at the end to see how far you’ve come! Amazing prizes for the participant with the most measurable results!​
  • Mini Challenges with prizes: There are 6 bi-weekly mini challenges to push you further and test your skills during the course of the program. 3 of the challenges will be based on best results and 3 will be a draw.

The Prize

Grand Prize: For 2 participants with the most measurable results in all fitness tests.  
Bonus Prize: The participant who demonstrates the most Community Spirit. 

Overall Grand Prize winners:

  • Annual Full Pay Membership – expires after one year
  • 1 Year Executive Locker Room Membership
  • 6 Personal Training Sessions
  • Ultimate Branded Prize Package: sport bag, water bottle, socks and an athletic t-shirt 

Community Spirit winner:

This prize will be given to the person who truly commits to the program. They attend all their sessions, compete in challenges and show up for our Forever Strong events and workshops. The more ballots you get, the higher your chance of being drawn! The draw will take place at the Wind-up Party – must be in attendance to win!

  • 6 month Full Pay Membership – expires after one year
  • 6 months Executive Locker Room Membership
  • 3 Personal Training Sessions   
  • Ultimate Branded Prize Package: sport bag, water bottle, socks and an athletic t-shirt  

The Price

Note: Applications won’t be processed from December 24 – 26, 2023

*Prices do not include GST