Yoga Classes

Hot Yoga Flow

Vinyasa flow style yoga class, connecting the mind, body and breath. Prepare to build strength, stability, and flexibility in a dynamic way. Every class will be familiar but use different combinations of Sun Salutations, yoga poses and transitions between poses each time. Class may include props.

Hot Yoga Power

A creative and challenging yoga class to build strength, balance and flexibility. A strong, fast and active class including Vinyasa flows, arm balances and inversions. Each class will include a “mini workshop” to learn and practice intermediate poses. Previous yoga experience is recommended.

Hot Yoga Hips & Hamstrings

A fun and therapeutic class with a focus on the two tightest areas of the body, the hips and hamstrings. Participants will be guided into poses that build strength and flexibility. If you can’t touch your toes, this is the class for you. Each class will be familiar but different every time. Beginner friendly.

Hot Yoga Deep Stretch

Deep stretch is an active stretching class that allows you to increase flexibility and range of motion.

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