R.E.P.S. Kickboxing Studio

Are you ready for some high intensity kickboxing, martial arts and fitness classes? These classes and programs will help you build the key elements of fitness:

Resistance / Endurance / Power / Speed

We have three ways for you to get started carving your most sculpted physique and learning some serious martial art skills with us:

  1. Attend a Group Fitness class in the R.E.P.S studio (included with Membership or Drop-in).
    Boxing Bootcamp Group Fitness Classes are Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9:30am. See Group Fitness Schedule HERE.
  2. Get a jump start on learning various kickboxing techniques, punches, kicks and strikes by registering for one of our Registered Programs. See Kickboxing Programs HERE.
  3. Free play in the R.E.P.S Studio: When no classes or programs are running in the Studio it’s all yours to test out and enjoy. Please note that instructors require 15 minutes prior to class beginning to set up equipment.

Virtual Tour


  • 80 lb. boxing bags
  • MMA flooring


Note: All boxing classes and programs require hand wraps. Hand wraps can be purchased at Customer Service.

Public Schedule