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As the largest multi-sport complex of its kind in Canada, MNP Community & Sport Centre has the unique opportunity to be able to provide space for a variety of activities, sports and competitions.

Book our one-of-a-kind activity spaces for your next group booking, corporate function, or birthday party.

We do have limited space available for private bookings as we host a multiple special events at our facility. Be sure to contact us for availability.

To book an activity space, contact us below:

*Day rates require the room to be booked out for 6 hours or more.

Note: Prices will change September 1, 2024

Aquatic Facilities

Swimming Pools

Dive Towers / Tank

Dryland Facilities

MultiSport Studios

At MNP Community & Sport Centre, we:

  • Provide training opportunities to MNP Community & Sport Centre Leagues and Sport Partners
  • Host over 42 international, national and regional sporting events and competitions throughout the year
  • Offer programming, classes and training opportunities for members
  • Provide drop-in activites for the citizens of Calgary

With the number of activities and special events happening at MNP Community & Sport Centre, we do have limited space available for private bookings. Including group bookings, corporate functions, and birthday parties. When available, you can book pool space, gym space or meeting rooms. Please note the best availability of space for private rentals is during the months of May – September.

Commercial Booking Policy

  • To request a new booking or modify an existing booking with no financial penalty, the commercial user group must provide greater than 8 business days’ written notice prior to the start of the activity, to The commercial user group will not be charged for the modification if received with adequate notice, and the Sport Services Department will provide a confirmation to the designated contact person.
  • If a modification is needed within 0 – 7 business days of the start of the activity, the commercial user group must provide written notice to and will be charged for the full space. New bookings cannot be accepted during this timeframe.
  • If payment is received within the outline timeline, a full refund or credit will be provided back in the original form of payment.

Discounted Facility Space Requests

As a non-profit organization, MNP Community & Sport Centre recognizes the importance of giving back to the community in support of the physical, mental and wellness development of Canadians. If you are interested in booking activity space for your next Charitable event, please review the following guidelines:

  • Requests must be submitted via email only, at least one month prior to the event date or the date the donation is expected.
  • Please include the name of the Charity, the number of Canadians that would benefit from the space requested, and the activity space you are interested in booking.
  • Requests in support of Sport, as well as our affiliates efforts to support the development of physical, mental or wellness will be given preference.
  • Organizations will be eligible for discounted rates on space once per calendar year.
  • We have a limited number of donations to give out each calendar year.


50m Pool$406.10
25m Pool$203.20
1 Lane - 50m$51.00
1 Lane - 25m$25.50
Dive Tank$182.10
3/4 Dive Tank$136.40
1/2 Dive Tank$91.20
1/4 Dive Tank$26.10
Teach Pool$144.20
1/2 Teach Pool$72.20
1/2 Gymnasium$73.20
Track (4 Lanes)$153.80
Track (2 Lanes)$79.00
Multisport Studios (1 or 2)$83.90