Walk, run or sprint on one of our two indoor tracks

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Track 1

Track 2

Private Rental Pricing

4 Lanes: $157.80
2 Lanes: $79.00


Track 1: Upper Level

  • Inside Lane: 200 metres
  • Second Lane: 208 metres
  • Third Lane: 216 metres
  • Outside Lane: 224 metres


Track 2: Gyms 4 &5

  • Inside Lane: 140 metres
  • Outside Lane: 152 metres

Track Rules

  • 0-2 years: Access permitted in stroller or carrier
  • 3-5 years: Must be within arms reach of parent or guardian, maximum 2 children per guardian(18 years or older)
  • 6-12 years: Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, maximum 4 children per guardian
  • 13+ years: Full access


  • Only the parent or guardian may push the stroller while on the track and must be in complete control of the stroller at all times.
  • The infant or child must be harnessed or strapped in at all times.
  • The stroller must stay within the width of the lane for the safety and courtesy of others on the track.

We are excited to host athletes from the 2024 Special Olympics Winter Games for lunch Tuesday, February 27th. From 10am-2pm we will have limited Gym Space. Please check public schedule before you come into the facility.

NEW MAINTENANCE CLOSURES: COLD TUB Wednesdays 11am – 12pm & HOT TUB Mondays 9am – 11am