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Day-use lockers are available in the Public Locker Rooms, at the Customer Service Desk and in the Fitness Centre. You can choose to bring your own lock or coin lockers are available. Public Locker Room lockers accept one Loonie and the wallet lockers at Customer Service Desk and lockers in the Fitness Centre area accept one Quarter. Please be sure to bring appropriate change for your visit.

Executive Locker Rooms are also available for an annual fee. Members can enjoy an adult only area (18+) with a TV, water cooler, hair dryer, towel service and individual totes. Please contact Customer Service for more details.

Towels and Locks

Towels and locks are available for purchase at the Customer Service Desk.

Free Wifi

To access MNP Community & Sport Centre’s WiFi please select: Member_Internet. You will then be directed to a login page to enter the password, “freetrial”, which directs you to our webpage. This process is required every day, as it’s a security feature.

Please note, streaming is not available. If you have issues connecting, try going into your settings and “forgetting the network”, then retrying.

WiFi Details

Why do I need to enter a password every time I come into the facility?

At any given time we have a large number of Members and customers that use our WiFi while using the facility. And we love that we can offer you this service! To ensure that only users of MNP Community & Sport Centre are accessing our WiFi, we have created a password input page that needs to be entered every time you enter the facility and want to access our WiFi. This helps us filter out any users in surrounding areas allowing us to maintain a more reliable WiFi network to current users.