Personal Training

Our team of qualified Trainers will develop customized programs to get the results you are looking for.

We will guide you through a program that focuses on proper exercise technique to give you the knowledge to help reduce injury and to develop the confidence to improve your fitness. Our trainers take pride in your performance and successes.

Training specialties include:

  • Pre and Post-Rehabilitation
  • Athletic and Sport-Specific Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Tactical Conditioning
  • Health and Wellness
  • Powerlifting and Olympic Weight Lifting
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Active Older Adults
  • Back Health and Injury Prevention
  • Pain Management
  • & MORE

We are happy to discuss what training package will be the best fit for you. You can find our pricing HERE.

Welcome to our Innovative Personal Training Studio!

We are in constant pursuit of innovation and bold thinking that challenges, changes and enhances our Centre.  So we took our Values to heart and invested in the fitness industries most innovative equipment and wellness experience – Technogym.   The Technogym Ecosystem is the first and only integrated platform capable of delivering Wellness content and training programs on every Technogym smart equipment as well as your personal device – be it smartphone, tablet, smart TV or PC. 

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In our Studio you will find:

  • Over $100k on equipment, plus renovations
  • Added 200 sq. ft. for additional training space
  • We’ve partnered with industry leader TechnoGym® to offer you top of the line equipment
  • New squat racks
  • New Dual Adjustable Pulley (DAP) systems
  • New rowers and bikes
  • New accessories including weights, stability balls, medicine balls and storage racks
  • Installed new durable rubber-composite flooring
  • Capability for advanced exercise tracking through licensed Mywellness APP

Why Personal Training?

1. Understanding your needs, helping you succeed, discuss your goals, create a plan, and make it happen! Our trainers are all about getting you where you want to go!

2. Work with Qualified Exercise Professionals. All of our Trainers are Certified and knowledgeable. They are up to date with current trends and studies and always do their best to meet the needs of each individual client.

3. Reduce your Risk of Injury. Learn proper technique and ensure you are doing your exercises correctly. Reduce the chance of injury through sport or everyday life.

4. Improve your Quality of Life. Make a lifestyle change that will help you live your best life.

Who is it for?

  • EVERYONE! Our trainers are skilled at adapting to any age and fitness level. Whether you want to hit a new personal record, or simply get up and down from the floor, our Personal Trainers can help you!