Dive Towers / Tank

Calgary’s premier diving facility

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Dive Platforms: 3m, 5m, 7m, 10m
Spring boards: 4x 3m, 4x 1m
Pool Temperature: 29 °C
Pool Depth: 5 metres

Private Rental Pricing

Dive Tank – $182.10/hour
3/4 Dive Tank – $136.40/hour
1/2 Dive Tank – $91.20/hour
1/4 Dive Tank  – $26.10/hour

Dive Towers / Tank Rules

Dive Tank

  • Bather Load: 267
  • Immediately after surfacing, divers must swim directly to the nearest ladder and exit the pool.
  • The walls directly under the dive tower and springboards must be clear of swimmers at all times.
  • Swimming is not permitted when the boards and towers are in use. This is on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with the Aquatics Manager and Sport Services Team.


Platform Diving

  • The 7m and 10m Diving Platforms can only be accessed through specific coaching with one of our Sport Partners or through a Commercial Booking of the space.
  • Swimmers wearing lifejackets or any floatation devices are not permitted on the dive tower.
  • The 7.5 and 10-meter diving boards are closed to everyone under 16 years of age unless supervised by a certified diving coach.
  • Only one public user is permitted on the dive tower at a time.
  • Running off dive tower is not permitted.


Springboard Diving

  • No hanging on springboards.
  • No lifejackets permitted on any diving boards except for the 1m springboards.
  • Please ask a Lifeguard about designated Springboards for public use.

Note: Our parking lot is scheduled for cleaning Wednesday, June 5th, followed by line painting Monday, June 10th.
Both tasks will take place overnight from 11pm until 4am. Unauthorized vehicles in the parking lot during these times will be subject to towing.

NEW Member Hours*  – Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm, Members will have exclusive access to the Facility.
Drop-in admission may continue to be purchased anytime outside of Member Hours. 

**Member Hours grants exclusive access to Annual & Monthly Memberships, 10 Pass & 30 Day Card holders, Member Guest & Courtesy Pass holders & Sport Partners,