• Bachelors of Exercise and Sport Science

Fitness History and Experience
Loreen earned a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences degree and has been working as a personal trainer at the MNP Community & Sport Centre since 2006. She takes a more holistic approach with her clients by considering their stress levels, sleep patterns, past injuries, nutrition and sources of motivation in creating a more personalized training program. With a focus on proper technique and safety, Loreen strives to make the training environment fun and comfortable, while ensuring her clients reach their goals.

Her greatest satisfaction comes when she has motivated a client to push beyond their own perceived abilities to accomplish goals they never thought were possible.

Training Philosophy
I am committed to helping my clients become the best versions of themselves through safe, effective, and individualized programming. I enjoy the unique challenges each client presents and try to empower them with the knowledge and skills it takes to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I approach my clients with a “Never Say Never” attitude, and that with hard work, commitment and dedication, they can achieve far more than they ever thought possible”–Loreen Mazur.

Trainer Fun Facts

As a former national rhythmic gymnastics team member, coach and provincial level judge, she has always been very active and now enjoys spending her time training and racing triathlons alongside her husband. Loreen has completed more Ironman’s than she can count in one hand.

Specialty Areas

Overall Strength, Rehabilitation, Weight Loss, Mobility, Aging Population Training


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