• 500 RYT Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Life Coaching, Akhanda Yoga Certified
  • Ayurvedic Conscious Living, Akhanda Yoga Certified
  • Yoga Nidra, School of Sankalpa Certified

Instructor History & Experience:
Kelsey Ennis has been practicing yoga since 2007 and teaching since 2017. After a life altering motor vehicle collision in 2013 she knew that the gift of yoga was something she had to share. Restoring and accepting life after this accident was possible because of her yoga practice. Completely changing her mind and body, it was her yoga journey that brought her back to healing, on and off the mat.

Kelsey traveled to India in 2018, and trained in Rishikesh, India at Akhanda, Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram for four months. Kelsey has had the pleasure learning from Yogrishi Vishvketu Ph.D. Yoga, Prem Robin Campbell Ph.D. Pys, along with Tanis Fishman at School of Sankalpa.

What do you teach at MNPCSC?:
Hot Yoga Flow, Hot Yoga Deep Stretch, Hot Yoga Hips and Hamstrings, Yoga Flow

Why I love being an instructor:
Kelsey Loves being a yoga instructor because she believes we all deserve love and acceptance for ourselves. We all deserve the aliveness that life has to offer us and yoga allows us to gently explore that life. With her Yoga Life Coaching and Conscious Living through Ayurveda, Kelsey invites us to work with sankalpas’ and Yoga Nidra to reprogram the brain. She believe yoga allows us to safely move into sensation and awareness that we might not otherwise have. Kelsey hopes to leave you having peace and tranquility on and off the mat. Giving us an hour to experience love and compassion for our minds, bodies, and souls. She also wants to give hope to those living with chronic pain.

Fun fact about yourself:
Kelsey’s background is in design and photography. She believes the same principles can be applied to our lives. We can design our lives and we can look at our perspective like a lens, always adjusting our focus to correct and change our outlook and limiting beliefs. Kelsey also loves time in the garden and traveling.

Specialty Areas

Hot Yoga Flow, Hot Yoga Deep Stretch, Hot Yoga Hips and Hamstrings, Yoga Flow

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