Jorge Béjar Saona


  • Bachelor of Kinesiology (Hons.) in Leadership in Pedagogy and Coaching
  • CSEP Certified Personal Trainer

Why do you coach at MNP Community & Sport Centre?
I like working with kids! Seeing them grow up, get stronger, and being successful in whatever they do – knowing that I, as their coach, helped them to get there – is the best feeling!

What is your favourite part of Sport?
Overcoming the barriers of the mind.

What is on your bucket list of challenges/races and why?
Someday I’d like to do the 5k Army Run. I am fond of the military profession.

What super human power would you have and why?
I wish I could teleport anywhere, so I could see my family whenever I wanted.

How do you create the best coaching experiences for your athletes?
By getting to know them, identifying their strengths, working on their weaknesses, and having fun!

Jorge 3433 Coach

Specialty Areas

Strength & Conditioning

High Impact on parking Tuesday, December 5. Please plan lessons and classes accordingly. More details here.

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