• CSEP – certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist
  • ESSA accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist (Australia)
  • Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Australia)


Fitness History and Experience
Growing up in sunny Queensland, Australia, I have always been a very active person and developed a love of movement from a very young age. My family spent lots of time at the beach, so what started out as routine swimming lessons for water safety turned into a lifelong passion. I participated in many water sports growing up, including swimming, surf lifesaving and water polo, but eventually focused my efforts to reach national and international representation in pool and open water swimming.

As a person who deals with Ehlers Danlos hypermobility syndrome, I have always needed a more individualized approach to my dryland training. I suffered several injuries throughout my swimming career, which I worked through with the help of an Exercise Physiologist – this is where my interest in the field began.

The proudest moments of my career so far have been centered around helping those who need it most. Whether you are dealing with chronic disease, managing a neurological condition or disability, or trying to remain active during and after pregnancy, I will always be your biggest supporter and show you that your body is capable of amazing things!

I also love working with athletes to help them reach their goals – I was able to create a Soccer Development Program at my previous place of work, focusing on adolescent and young adult players looking to reach the highest levels of representation in their sport. Whilst I get a lot of satisfaction and reward from seeing these athletes improve their fitness and sport-specific skills, nothing can compare to the joy I feel helping someone with a chronic condition improve their quality of life.

Something Interesting About Yourself
I have been fortunate enough to travel to both Japan and Papua New Guinea to represent Australia in swimming competitions!

I am also very new to Canada – I’ve only been here for two weeks!

Trainer Philosophy
Exercise is medicine – I am a big believer in the power of movement on all aspects of life. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to health and fitness – every body is different, and I am determined to work with you to find the best method of training for you!

Ebony Personal Trainer


Specialty Areas

Chronic disease management, disability management through exercise, pre- and post-natal exercise, older adult fitness and falls prevention, injury prehabilitation/rehabilitation, athletic development


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