• Fitness Alberta – Group Fitness Certification
  • Cycle Certification
  • Portable Equipment Certification
  • Fitness Kickboxing Canada – Boxing Level 1 Certification

Instructor History & Experience:
Brooke had been a participant in the fitness world for many years when she decided to take her group fitness certification and start her journey in the teaching world. Brooke completed her group fitness certification in 2022 with specialties in cycle, portable equipment, and fitness boxing.

What do you teach at MNPCSC?:
TechnoSPIN, Bootcamp, Boxing Bootcamp

Why I love being an instructor:
There are many reasons why I love being an instructor. I love the people and sense of community that group fitness offers. I love seeing people achieve their goals and also being a part their health and fitness journey. I love fitness and using my knowledge and experience to enrich other people’s lives.

Fun fact about yourself:
I watch way too many true crime shows and will probably become a CSI in my next life.

Specialty Areas

TechnoSPIN, Bootcamp

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