• Fitness Alberta portable equipment,TRX
  • Fitness Alberta Cycle designation
  • Fitness Kickboxing Canada: Level 1

Instructor History & Experience:
My desire to become a group fitness instructor began when I was a child. I was always trying to persuade family and friends to play sports. As an adult, whenever friends or colleagues would suggest visiting, I would always suggest doing something active. In 2017 I completed my Fitness Alberta certification and began to build effective workouts. After moving back to Calgary, I was able to start applying myself in the fitness industry.  While gym closures and lockdowns were occurring, I was determined to help keep people fit and healthy. The gym became backyards, parks and garages. As gyms reopened, I knew I wanted to work at MNP Community & Sport Centre. I am proud to be a part of this team since 2021.

What do you teach at MNPCSC?:
I currently teach Sculpt, Bootcamp (boxing) and TechnoSPIN

Why I love being an instructor:
I love being a group fitness instructor because I truly believe in the power of working in a group. You just have to show up! It is rewarding to see participants become stronger and empowered. I love to see the attitude towards working out change: adopting an athlete mindset, speaking positivity to self and the community. As a long distance runner I didn’t know how to incorporate strength training in my schedule and group fitness saved me! I also believe that doing something challenging everyday is what makes us more resilient, caring and happy!

Fun fact about yourself:
While I love all disciplines, I have dedicated a lot of time to running. I have completed three 50 km races, over 15 marathons, including the Boston Marathon twice, a handful of half marathons and 10 kms and one Duathlon because the triathlon required getting my hair wet. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)  I will always promote strength training, but nothing beats a running high and crossing the finish line after months of training!

Specialty Areas

TechnoSPIN, Bootcamp, Sculpt

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