Tammy Andersen


  • NCCP Certified (Swimming), CAC Member, CSCA Member

Why do you coach at MNP Community & Sport Centre?
MNPCSC has allowed me to share my technical knowledge with athletes of all ages. This is the first facility I’ve coached at that works hard to build a sense of community. My athletes aren’t just names on a page, they are people with different strengths and weaknesses and MNPCSC allows me to create programs that focus on individual needs. I stay here because of the people around me, athletes and staff.

What is your favourite part of Sport?
I love the technicality of swimming. You can be a world class runner and the world’s slowest swimmer at the same time. The pool is a great equalizer. As a swim coach I get to see people improve by leaps and bounds (or should I say lengths and meters?) once they understand the science of swimming. Watching people become the best versions of themselves in the pool is addictive. Their pride and positivity are the good kind of contagious.  

What is on your bucket list of challenges/races and why?
I would love to take a swimming vacation in the Bahamas or Bermuda. Boat lead 3km swim in tropical waters every day? Yes please!

What super human power would you have and why?
I think we already have superpowers, some of us just haven’t tapped in to them yet. I’d say mine is positivity, If you need someone to be more chipper than a wood mulcher at 5:45am and again at 9:30pm then I am your gal. I can get excited about anything at anytime! I am the best supporting character you’ll ever have (supported of course by copious amount of caffeine).

How do you create the best coaching experiences for your athletes?
I am a firm believer in coaching the individual, this means that although I have a workout set up for my class, I will make modifications and have specific swimmers do the skills and drills they need to improve. I have a strong foundation of technical knowledge in swimming and have been coaching for over 20 years. Athletes need one on one technical feedback to improve, and that means both constructive criticism and positive reinforcement. You can expect me to be excited for all your wins (no matter how small or large), and I will work with you to learn from your setbacks. I see the coach/athlete relationship as a team, and every athlete I’ve ever met has taught me something new.

Specialty Areas

Triathlon, Swimming