• Masters of Science in Biomechanics
  • Bachelors of Arts in Kinesiology
  • CPTN Certified Personal Trainer since 2014
  • AKA Registered Kinesiologist since 2018


Fitness History and Experience
From a competitive gymnast, to an elite track and field athlete, I have always loved being active and feeling strong. I am always excited to help people navigate the weight room, feel confident, and reach their goals. Whether it’s starting to get involved in fitness, getting back a previous fitness level, or starting a new activity, I am passionate about supporting my clients every step of the way.

Training Philosophy
The body is incredibly adaptive, and no movement is a bad movement; however, optimizing adaptations to help you in your everyday activities and favorite hobbies is key. The gym is a great tool to identify and improve imbalances and compensation patterns


Trainer Fun Facts
I lived in London, Ont. to pursue elite track and field for many years, specifically hurdling. When I retired and moved to Calgary, I started speed skating even though I had no prior skating experience.  From hurdling to speed skating, I have a need for speed!

Specialty Areas

Running kinematics, Injury rehabilitation, Sport specific training, Endurance programming, Weekend warriors


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