• Doctorate degree in Health Sciences
  • Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Master Trainer – Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Registered Nutritional Consultant


Fitness History and Experience
Rosanne has been in the Fitness industry as a Coach, Trainer, and Educator for over 25 years and is driven to empower those she encounters to take control of their own health outcomes through fitness, wellness, and nutrition.  After successfully launching an online coaching business, Rosanne began to miss the face-to-face interaction with clients that she finds so rewarding and is grateful to have joined the MNPCSC Team in 2022.  Rosanne is passionate about teaching women and providing the tools they need to live life with consistent energy, joy, and excitement. Every human being is unique, and the fitness and wellness program that will work for you is equally unique, so Rosanne believes her role is to help you discover what that unique program is for you and teach you how to be successful at implementing an effective program that meets your goals.

Training Philosophy
“I believe that fitness, and more specifically strength training, is one of the keys to longevity, lifelong mobility and quality of life.  Consistent practice and commitment to fitness and wellness has been proven to ameliorate or prevent many of the various issues we face through aging including lack of mobility, muscle loss, bone loss and the decline in cognitive function.”

Trainer Fun Facts
A competitive athlete in multiple sports growing up in Calgary, nothing was more challenging, or rewarding, than raising her seven children, some of whom even attended preschool here at MNPCSC. Currently, Rosanne also holds a position as a Health, Wellness and Fitness Instructor with Bow Valley College.

rosanne trainer


Specialty Areas

Women in all stages of life: Pre/Post pregnancy, Menopause, Older adult and anyone wanting to improve daily living through fitness, strength and lifestyle changes.

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