Renee Zhao


  • NCCP Trained Swimming Coach (201 in-training)
  • Advanced Intermediate Professional Title Coach (China)
  • Won National Swimming Medals and Awarded National Swimming Master Title (China)


  • More than thirty years of swim coach experience for all levels.
  • Many Chinese athletes won national championships, medals, ranks and the National Swimming Master title.
  • The past few years, I helped to develop many swimmers of the age groups who are excellent swimmers in Alberta.

Why do you coach at MNP Community & Sport Centre?
The MNP Community & Sport Centre is a huge stage for coaches. Not only can it support the skills displayed by coaches but is also a huge place for people to achieve and pursue sports dreams.

What is your favourite part of sport?
Keep forging ahead and constantly challenge yourself.

What is on your bucket list of challenges/races and why?
Helping more athletes to improve their swimming skills to achieve and pursue their goals is the greatest pleasure as a coach.

What super human power would you have and why?
Assess the needs of athletes instantly when coaching.

How do you create the best coaching experiences for your athletes?
Understand the needs of athletes, help them in a variety of ways, provide a logical explanation of techniques, and enable athletes to progress and improve.

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