Mark Hlady


  • National Coaching Certification Program – Master Coach, Learning Facilitator, Coach Developer

Why do you coach at MNP Community & Sport Centre?

MNPCSC is arguably the best facility in Canada to allow individuals and athletes to train to meet their personal goals. This allows me as their coach to create unique, successful training programs for everyone I train.

What is your favourite part of Sport?
My favourite part of sport is seeing my athletes achieve the goals we set together.

What is on your bucket list of challenges/races and why?
I have done several hundred races in my lifetime, and I believe with technology improving our quality of life, that the last thing on my bucket list will be to do Ironman when I am 100 years old.

What super human power would you have and why?
The ability to heal people’s injuries quickly so they can get back to doing the things they love – working out!

How do you create the best coaching experiences for your athletes?
By really listening to what they want to achieve, and being empathetic to their goals.

Mark 3433 coach

Specialty Areas

Sport Training, Strength & Conditioning

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