Lascelles Brown


  • 5 time Olympian
  • 2 time Olympic Medalist
  • World Champion

Why do you coach at MNP Community & Sport Centre?
I like working with kids.  I think that I have knowledge and experience that can help these athletes to become the best they can be.

What is on your bucket list of challenges/races and why?
As far as races and competitions, I am done with that.  My future challenges are in my personal & career development.  I want to help elite athletes become Olympians.

What super human power would you have and why?
I would be Superman, so I could help everyone.

How do you create the best coaching experiences for your athletes?
By getting to know them and gearing their training to each individual.  I learn their strengths and weaknesses and work with them to make them the best they can be.

Specialty Areas

Strength & Conditioning and Speed & Power Development