• CanFit Pro- Certified Personal Trainer (Canfit Pro- CPT)

Fitness & Training Experience

My fitness journey began in 2016 with regular pull-ups on a bar. I was an ordinary skinny guy, not standing out among others. Over time, I wanted to learn some tricks on the bar, such as muscle-ups and the moonwalk. That’s when I realized I liked street gymnastics. I progressed quite well, learning to perform many different elements, but I was not satisfied with the volume of my muscle mass. This led me to study a vast amount of information (watching videos of top athletes, doctors, and nutritionists, reading fitness forums, scientific articles, etc.). I implemented the knowledge I gained into my training process, and my muscle mass began to grow. Over time, I became a personal trainer in a gym, and using my acquired knowledge and personal training experience, I have helped many people achieve their sports and other goals (weight loss, muscle mass gain, health maintenance, mastering gymnastics elements, recovery after injuries, etc.). Currently, I am a competitive athlete and personal trainer with a strong desire to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Training Philosophy
If you managed to get off the couch and come to the gym, you’ve already won.

Trainer Fun Facts
Did you know that muscles are like party guests? They only show up if you invite them regularly and feed them well! So, keep up with your workouts and nutrition to keep the muscle party going!



Specialty Areas

Competitive Athletes, General Population, Weight Loss, Endurance Training , Strength Training, Calisthenics & Gymnastics

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