Public Pool Schedule


North and South Comp:  The Main Competition Pool
East and West Training:  Training Pool is located in the Calgary Foundation Aquaplex


Sport Recovery Cold Tub

Swimming Pools

Hot Tub / Steam Room

Dive Towers / Tank

Public Lane Space

As part of our Dual Mandate MNP Community & Sport Centre guarantees a minimum of 100m public lane space. This can be configured in 4 lanes 25m or 2 lanes 50m.

  • Swimmers are expected to use the lane most suited to their ability/activity level.
  • Participants must be able to swim a full length comfortably and follow the lane use etiquette signs on deck.

Public Leisure Swim

  • Public Leisure is open swim when extra lanes are available or in the Teach Pool. Lane ropes will be removed and toys can be brought into the pool.
  • Our Teach Pool is available for Leisure Swim during certain times. Please note that when a ¼ or ½ of the teach pool is scheduled only certain public toys will be available. Pool noodles, flutter boards, baby boats and beach balls will not be permitted when the Teach Pool is shared with other bookings.
  • When Swim Lessons are held in the Teach Pool, it’s possible for us to reach maximum capacity quickly. In such instances, we will make an announcement and our Lifeguard team will politely request those who have been using the pool for an extended period to take a break, ensuring that there is enough space for others to participate.

NEW Public Water Polo

  • Nets and water polo balls provided
  • All skill levels welcome
  • Practice your skills or scrimmage other players
  • This space will be uncoached
  • Check public schedule for dates and times

High Impact on parking Tuesday, December 5. Please plan lessons and classes accordingly. More details here.

Reminder about the significant CTrain service disruption from November 24 to December 3. Click here for details.