Active Energizers Information Form

Active Energizers Information Form

Contact Information

Health Information

Waiver Form


In consideration for permission, granted now or in the future by MNP Community & Sport Centre and Lindsay Park Sports Society (LPSS) for the Participant to participate in Active Living Program(s) Sept 2020 – November 2020.

I/we, as the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the Participant agree and acknowledge that:

The Participant has met all of the prerequisites required for participation in the activity(s).

  1.  The Participant will abide by the rules and regulations imposed on the participants in the activity(s).
  2. There are risks and hazards inherent in the very nature of the activity(s) and that as a result of these risks and hazards, the Participant, may suffer personal injury, even death, as well as property loss. Depending on the Camp, activity(s) may include: badminton, baseball, circuit and strength training, dance, diving, floatables, gym and outdoor games and sports, gymnastics, indoor cycling, nutrition education, obstacle courses, running, swimming, trampolines, yoga, bouncy castle and outdoor skate park. I am aware and understand the risks and hazards associated with the activity(s) and may be present in the activity(s) and that the Participant is assuming the risks and hazards at his or her own risk.
  3. I waive any claim the Participant or I may have against MNP Community & Sport Centre and Lindsay Park Sports Society (LPSS) and any and all instructors, coaches and organizers of the activity(s) and their respective heirs, representatives, successors and assigns from all claims, demands, costs, expenses, actions and causes of action arising from the Participant's involvement in the activity(s) and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Calgary for any claim, including any claim for medical services arising from the Participant's involvement in the activity(s).
  4. MNP Community & Sport Centre and Lindsay Park Sports Society (LPSS) may secure such medical advice and services as it, in its sole discretion, may deem necessary for the Participant's health and safety and I shall be financially responsible for such advice and services. I understand that MNP Community & Sport Centre and Lindsay Park Sports Society (LPSS) do not provide accidental death, disability, dismemberment or medical expense insurance on behalf of the participants in the activity(s) and therefore agree to assume responsibility for such insurance coverage for the Participant.
  5. I agree that in the event that any provision of this form is held to be invalid and unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity or unenforceability of such provision will not affect the remaining provisions of this form, which shall continue to be enforceable.
  6. This CONSENT, RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIM, ASSUMPTION OF RISK and INDEMNITY is binding on the Participant and I, and our heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives and assigns.

Image Release

My child has permission to participate in media coverage and photographs of camps, which may be taken for media or marketing purposes at MNP Community & Sport Centre. I hereby grant MNP Community & Sport Centre the right and permission to publish moving composite reproductions for the purpose of, without limitation, television, publications, and any trade or advertising purposes. Accordingly, I release and discharge MNP Community & Sport Centre & Lindsay Park Sport Society (LPSS) from nay liability by virtue of blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion or use in composite form that may occur or be produced in taking of said picture(s) or any processing through completion of the finished product.

For more information, please contact:

Megan Klassen
Manager of Children’s Programs

Phone: 403.355.1288


Fall Program Registration dates:
Members: July 22, 2024
Non-Members: July 29, 2024

Winter Program Registration dates:
Members: November 12, 2024
Non-Members: November 18, 2024

Spring & Summer Program Registration dates:
Members: February 10, 2025
Non-Members: February 18, 2025