Our Customized Coaching Packages are athlete-driven and coach-designed

Our Customized Coaching Packages provide athletes with a training program tailored to their individual goals and busy schedule. These programs are athlete-driven and coach-designed. We believe that the best program for each individual athlete is the one that fits their lifestyle and their ultimate goals.

We understand what athletes need from a customized program because at 3433, our coaches are athletes. We pride ourselves on delivering a standard of service we as athletes expect from a coach.

If you are interested in signing up for a Customized Coaching Package, please fill out our Customized Coaching Intake Form

 Customized Coaching Packages

 (min 6-month commitment)

 (min 6-month commitment)


Ideal for the athlete who prefers to regularly attend classes. Requires more face-to-face time with a coach. Would like a MNP Community & Sport Centre facility access for a daily training environment to conduct their training.

Ideal for the athlete who can execute a plan on their own as prescribed by a coach. Requires minimal coach interaction. Capable and confident of training at home. Training from remote location or long extended travel.




 TrainingPeaks™  Account



 Establish Training Zones

 Power, Pace, Heart Rate

 Power, Pace, Heart Rate

 File Analysis

 Basic power, heart rate, GPS data analysis

 Basic power, heart rate, GPS data analysis


 Adjustments to your program based on post-workout, TrainingPeaks™ and email feedback

 Adjustments to your program based on post-workout and email feedback

 Face to Face Consult

 One monthly coaching meeting



 Full MNP Community & Sport Centre facility membership


 Classes Included

 Two 3433 Registered Program


 Additional Classes

Out of the 3+ courses selected, the course of the greatest value will be charged at time of registration

Courses must be paid for in full at time of registration

3433 Customized Coaching Package athletes feel this program:

  • Increases their accountability to training.
  • Simplifies their training process – an expert develops their workouts.
  • Supports, guides and directs their holistic athletic development.
  • Prepares them for races through facilitated coach discussions.
  • Challenges them to reach ever-increasing levels of mental and physical performance.
  • Documents their progress and reviews their gaps.
  • Increases their knowledge of their sport.
  • Delivers open and honest feedback from their coach.
  • Educates them to make smarter training decisions when illness, injury or life gets in the way.
  • Builds their understanding of training technology, tools and their application.
  • Offers timely on-going communication with their coach.
  • Increases their confidence in their athletic abilities.

As professional coaches, we analyze workouts, clarify our purpose and integrate athlete feedback with everything we do. We expect athletes to put forth their best effort to prepare for and execute the training sessions. This includes respecting the rest days, attention to their hydration, nutrition, sleep, stress, sickness, injuries, being realistic with their availability to train, providing open and honest feedback to their coach and adhering to the volume and intensity prescribed.

Our coaching team prides itself on using proven training methods and carefully reviews current trends that may or may not prove effective for our athletes. We are open to exploring new training interventions but know that we are applying evidence-based best practice to every program we design and workout that we coach.

If you are interested in signing up for a Customized Coaching Package, please fill out our Customized Coaching Intake Form

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