• National Academy of Sports Medicine- Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)


Fitness History and Experience
Behind every successful individual who begins their fitness journey lies the motivation for growth, development, and betterment. It never ceases to amaze me that the power of the mind allows people to push themselves beyond their limits, continue when challenged, and grow from hardships.

I am fascinated by psychology’s role in Sports and Exercise, from the root thoughts behind the motivation to the sheer willpower in overcoming adversities. I truly believe the mind is the master of the body.

Through my studies, I gained knowledge in numerous aspects of fitness, from physiology to athletic assessments, training techniques, applied sports psychology, and nutrition. This knowledge allowed me to rebuild my body by helping me overcome my lower back injury. It also allowed me to build muscle and lose weight without compromising my energy levels.

I have also used my knowledge and experience to motivate and train my family and friends. I developed personalized workout plans to help them stay healthy and achieve their well-being and fitness goals.

In the UK, I worked for a company called FitMedia. My core responsibility was to educate students on the latest fitness research that would promote their physical literacy and fitness. I also gave presentations to school teachers on maximizing children’s potential in physical education classes. My work at FitMedia and helping friends and family with their fitness journey led me to conclude that I genuinely enjoy helping others realize their potential. Often people don’t realize their capabilities; therefore, it’s essential for me as a personal trainer to give them the tools needed to tap into their true potential.

Something Interesting About Yourself
I moved to Calgary three years ago and have made this beautiful city my home. When I am not working, I enjoy working out at the gym, cycling around the city, playing soccer & going on hikes with my wife and her family in the mountains.

Trainer Philosophy
I aim to help people change their lives in the most straightforward and realistic way possible. Everyone deserves to be happy and feel good about themselves inside and out. So, let’s strive together to ensure that you become the best version of yourself.

Al-Mahdi trainer


Specialty Areas

Recreational Athletes, General Population, Lifestyle Change/Management

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