Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a big facility such as MNP Community & Sport Centre? 

In this new video series, our CEO and Program Managers will take you literally under our tent to share our amazing facility engineering, discuss top trending customer topics and share top secret strategies and projects that make our facility world class.  The Centre is continually investing in projects that make a significant impact towards our future success and provide more value to our members, sport partners and stakeholders.  From tactical and technical functions to strategic considerations – you’ll hear all about how MNP Community & Sport Centre is leading the charge during the facilities closure due the COVID19 pandemic and manoeuvring itself to come back stronger.

To Drain or not to Drain

Our Members have been wondering if we have drained our pools, or areas like our cold tub and hot tub - and what are the considerations and benefits of draining or keeping our bodies of water running?  What does it take to heat our pool and circulate the water?  What are the maintenance best practices we follow?  To learn more, check out this video below from our CEO. 

Up in the Air

Jeff Booke, our CEO takes us up in the air catching a view from the top of our world class tent.


Our CEO takes you Under the Tent and down to our over 200,000 square foot underground city full of mechanical and electrical equipment.  If you’re an engineer, operator, facility manager or just someone who loves to know what it takes to make our world class facility hum– you’ll enjoy this top-secret sneak peak into our underground world.

Olympic Hopefuls

For todays Under the Tent video, we’re highlighting our High performance sport side of our DUAL MANDATE! Meet three EXTRAOrdinary athletes that call MNP Community & Sport Centre their home and get to hear their behind the-scenes training plans and what it takes to be one of Canada’s Olympic hopefuls.

Private Studios

Our Program Managers take you UNDER THE TENT to teach you more about our Private studios. They were created and renovated for our Personal Training, 3433 Sport Performance, High Performance Training and Aquatic Dry land Training clients.

MNP Community & Sport Centre

2225 MacLeod Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta  
T2G 5B6

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 5am-11pm
(Pools close at 10pm M-F)
Saturday: 6am-10pm
Sunday: 7am-10pm
Stat. Holidays: 7am-6pm


There are no Group Fitness or Registered
Programs on statutory holidays.

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