• Currently completing Kinesiology degree at the University of Calgary
  • Certified through Canfitpro as a Personal Training Specialist
  • Certified Integrated Movement Specialist Level 1
  • Certified Lifestyle Coach


Fitness History and Experience
Health and fitness has been my love from a very young age and I grew up playing many individual sports. In high school, I trained for basketball but experienced some health issues and injuries that shifted my focus to becoming a better overall athlete who was pain free and injury free, while still performing at a high level. In this pursuit, I have trained a variety of disciplines from olympic lifting to endurance athletics and, most recently, track and field with the University of Calgary Track team! I have worked in various areas of the fitness department at MNPCSC as a Fitness Consultant, Fitness Coordinator, 3433 High Performance Coach and now as a Personal Trainer. I am excited to continue my own fitness journey while being a part of yours!

Training Philosophy
“As a personal trainer, I strive to be more than just a fitness coach and to understand how fitness fits within my client’s lives as a whole. I believe the body is an integrated system of systems and that you cannot achieve optimal physical performance without optimal health.”

Trainer Fun Facts
I am a twin! My fraternal twin Ciaran, is twelve minutes older than me (and yet three inches taller somehow!)

Specialty Areas

Recreational and competitive athletes, plus experience with back pain

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