• Holistic Life Coach

Fitness History and Experience
During my career as a fashion model, I spent nearly 10 years exercising from a place of trying to live up to the sky-high expectations set upon me by the fashion industry. I worked out from a place of “needing to be skinny” instead of “wanting to be healthy”.  I became a certified personal trainer to develop a healthier relationship with my body as well as to educate myself and others on how our bodies function and what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Training Philosophy
“I believe in cultivating our mind body connection. Listening to what your body needs and working WITH it from a place of appreciation, not AGAINST it from a place of punishment.”


Trainer Fun Facts
Originally from Nova Scotia. Also a full-time flight attendant and fashion model.

Specialty Areas

Mind-body fitness, lifestyle management, endurance & behavioural coaching

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