• 500 Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher (RYT)
  • Pilates Certified
  • Barre Certified

Instructor history and experience:

Brittany is a devoted yogi who entered her yogic path over five years ago. She is deeply passionate about guiding others through yoga in a safe and healing environment. Her yoga style is spiritual in nature, allowing each student to deepen their understanding of the ancient practice and its roots. She has studied yoga through her 200-hour training in her hometown of Kitchener, Ontario as well as completed her 300-hour training in Rishikesh, India under traditional and passionate leaders and teachers in the yoga community.

Brittany is passionate about combining her experience and wisdom to help others develop a deeper connection with themselves and to honour their individual intuition and wisdom through intentional movement. She has spent over a year teaching students both in-person and online, as well as in studio in a group setting.

Brittany’s yoga classes are rooted in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga and she loves to teach a good and juicy yin or restorative class. Her classes are equal parts strengthening and softening, helping you have an experience of self-discovery, fluidity, humility and surrender. You can expect to learn about yogic philosophy, explore pranayama techniques and deepen your understanding of alignment of asanas in Brittany’s yoga classes.

Brittany also has a deep love for Pilates and Barre and brings the heat and energy to her classes. She has been teaching both since 2021. Expect to get your heart rate up, listening to some good beats and feel muscles you never knew you had in her Pilates and Barre classes!

What do you teach at MNPCSC?:
Yoga & Pilates

Why I love being an instructor:
Seeing and feeling the energy of the room during a class. Hearing how people felt during their practice. Being an instructor is so fulfilling because I get to help guide people through their practice to develop a deeper connection to themselves.

Fun fact about yourself:
If I’m not on my mat, I am probably in the mountains backcountry hiking, snowboarding or biking.

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Yoga & Pilates

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