Accommodating all Needs

MNP Community & Sport Centre can accommodate the needs of all Calgarians, regardless of physical ability. Wheelchair access, pool lifts, water wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment is why MNP Community & Sport Centre has won accessibility awards from both the Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta) and The City of Calgary.

Equipment and Amenities


  • South entrance – automatic doors
  • North entrance – automatic doors; ramp from parking lot
  • Designated parking stalls

Public Concourse and The Foundation Lounge

  • Ramp at south and north entrances
  • Elevator to the activity level
  • Adapted service station at Customer Service Desk
  • Barrier-free concourse public washrooms
  • Barrier-free public washrooms in The Foundation Lounge
  • Ramp in The Foundation Lounge to the Athlete Lounge

Activity Levels

  • Caregiver change rooms complete with wheelchair accessible showers, access to water wheelchairs and change beds.
  • Digital wheelchair scale
  • Barrier-free men’s and women’s public Locker Rooms
  • Stair lift to lower activity level


  • Portable aquatic lifts
  • Ramp into 20-person hot tub and shallow teach pool
  • Stairs into shallow end of 50m pool in The Calgary Foundation Aquaplex
  • Pool noodles, mats, lifejackets, floatation belts, flutter boards, and pull buoys
  • 3 stainless steel aquatic wheel chairs


Fitness Centre


Colorado Handcycle: A wheelchair accessible handcycle, with removable seat.Tension provided by belt on flywheel. Located in Lower Fitzone.

Johnny G CrankCycle by Matrix: a wheelchair accessible handcycle, can also be used while standing. Tension adjusted by knob. Fully adjustable height and angle. Purchased in 2011. Located in Lower Fitzone

SciFit Handcycle Ergometer with Support Boots and Platform: Handcycle ergometer with digital display. Fully removable seat for wheelchair access. High support boots and standard pedals optional for leg movements. Purchased in 2006. Located in Lower Fitzone

SciFit Total Body Armed Elliptical: Elliptical leg motion with arm movement. Seat pivots for easier transfers. Digital display. Purchased in 2016. Located in Lower Fitzone.

NuStep Armed Elliptical:  Ellitical leg motion with arm movement. Seat Pivots for easier Transfers. Digital display. Owned by Total Cardiology, not RSC. Located in Lower Fitzone.

Medelco OmniPlinth Hi-Lo Electric Mat Platform: Adjustable height mat platform for stretching and physio work. Can raise up to 36”. Operated by foot pedal. Purchased in 2017. Located in Lower Fitzone.



Prestige Total Access Lat Pulldown: This lever operated single arm handle height adjustment allows the bar to be adjusted for shorter and wheelchair users down to 1400mm start height from a seated position. Adjustable knee restraint and seat height allows shorter users and others with reduced trunk stability to maintain full flat foot contact with the floor. Located in Lower Fitzone.

Prestige Total Access Chest Press: Locking plunger adjustment on swing away seat allows easy access for wheelchair users and one-handed seat adjustment for users with limited mobility. Enables a non-stressed start position for users with limited shoulder flexibility and wheelchair users. Located in Lower Fitzone.

Prestige Total Access Row Rear Delt: Choice of upper and lower handle positions caters to wheelchair users who cannot adjust seat height, shorter users and those with reduced balance, who can then maintain full foot contact with the floor. Eight position reversible chest pad ensures a full range of movement is achieved by both tall and short users. Located in Lower Fitzone.

Prestige Total Access Overhead Press: Swing away seat with locking plunger adjustment allows easy access for wheelchair users and one-handed seat adjustment for users with limited mobility. Choice of upper and lower handle positions caters to wheelchair users, shorter users and those with reduced balance. Located in Lower Fitzone.

Prestige Total Access Cable Column: Multi-function exerciser offering a very wide variety of exercises for all non-disabled and disabled users. Two large stability handles provide wheelchair and other users with the ability to stabilize when performing unilateral (single arm) exercises. Located in Lower Fitzone.


MNP Community & Sport Centre

2225 MacLeod Trail South,
Calgary, Alberta
   T2G 5B6

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 5am-11pm
Monday - Friday: Aquatics 5am-10pm
Saturday: 6am-10pm
Sunday: 7am-10pm
Stat. Holidays: 7am-6pm


There are no Group Fitness or Registered Classes
on statutory holidays.

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